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SDS Korea is a supplier of a variety of channel bender products that incorporate some of the most advanced technologies in the world.








The SuperChannelBender is the most advanced fully automatic channel letter fabrication machine for the sign-making industry. It offers the same state-of-the-art technology that has made us the worldwide leader in the die-making industry for years. It provides flanging, broaching, and V-cut (notching) with 4 kinds of notching angles. It offers a (max.) 130-degree notching support – a highly advanced feature in bending systems.

The luxury class SuperChannelBender fulfils all the necessary requirements of a channel designer, and offers high precision manufacturing capability with its precision patented cutting and bending technologies. It can create an inner or outer flange very easily, and forms a V-cut or V-route on a rectangular shape, or V shape of flange for a completely natural and perfect signboard production. The system is ideal for welding and clinching channel production, allowing customers to make a variety of channel letters to suit their purpose.

The SuperChannelBender satisfies various customer needs since it supports a variety of materials, such as aluminum roll, aluminum profile, brass, bronze, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and more. For coil-type material, it supports a thickness of 0.8mm - 1.0mm and a height of 25mm - 120mm. For profile-type material, it covers a thickness of 1.0mm and a height of 80mm, 100mm and 120mm.

As customers consider the needs of their systems, the advanced features incorporated in SuperChannelBender should not be ignored.


- Material: aluminum profile, galvanized steel, and aluminum roll (width
  25mm-120mm, thickness ~1mm)
- Function: flanging, V-cut (notching), and broaching
- Coil bending (welding method and clinching method), and extruded
  aluminum bending
- Leaves no scratches even on coated materials
- Artificial intelligence function automatically adjusts the bending angle
  and speed according to the designed shape and length
- The basic EASYB (EasyBender CLB Windows XP Program) software
  package provides a user- friendly environment
- A computer-based automatic control system (MS window XP included)
- USB port on the cabinet for user’s convenience

- Stainless V-cutting possible (angle, 120)

Common features of all our channebender products

Convenient software. The EASYB (EasyBender CLB Windows XP Program) is a software package that provides a user-friendly environment. It provides various features, which are very simple to use and comes with an easy learning function for each model. For example, it offers calibration functions such as automatically adjusting the length, flange creation, and V-cut for folding an arc or angle. The EASYB program’s performance and safety is well recognized by customers throughout the world. It offers a very intuitive interface and various convenient functions, as well as a strong tool path setting function.

Excellent durability and safety. We are proud of the product’s reliability and long life cycle demonstrated in various manufacturing conditions for sign products. SDS Korea performs a strict test on each phase suitable for the unique environment for signboard manufacturing. We guarantee that our product can operate accurately with suitable durability in cold or hot climates. We are committed to periodic self-inspections and tests, and we perform various tests on each product before shipping it out to the market. SDS Korea is winner of “Korean World-class Product Award 2002” presented by Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (currently “Ministry of Knowledge Economy”) in Korea. We have also obtained the CE certificate.

Advanced technology. SDS Korea’s channel bender system has accurate and excellent bending and cutting technology. This is made possible through many years of experience in developing die-making systems and our enormous investment in research and development. Our products offer unique functions - unseen in other competing products - and are the outcomes of various key patented technologies. SDS Korea is devoted to improving any technology that is needed to relieve our customers from excessive effort and time-consuming work. With our systems, customers can increase productivity and substantially reduce costs, including labor cost. Furthermore, we are upgrading our systems continuously to meet new demands that are emerging in the market. Customers can, therefore, select any SDS channel bender system without hesitation as we are in tandem with market needs, current and future.


Owing to its long-time sectoral background and experience, KUESTA undertakes imports and exporting of the mould knives and every sort of products used in their manufacturing. With its worldwide imports network and high-quality...
Owing to its long-time sectoral background and experience, KUESTA undertakes imports and exporting of the mould knives and every sort of products used in their manufacturing. With its worldwide imports network and high-quality...
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